Why Extra Virgin Olive Oil?

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People can’t agree about much when it comes to healthy eating but we all agree that Extra Virgin Olive Oil is good.  At The Precious Pea we’ve become increasingly aware of the research into the benefits of Extra Virgin Olive Oil as well as it’s superior flavour when compared with other oils. So we decided to make the switch.

Our whole range now contains Extra Virgin Olive Oil.

Olive oil is the traditional oil used in houmous and we love the way it tastes. Truly extra virgin has a distinctive taste with its subtly bitter finish. We find that it adds a depth of flavour to our houmous without overwhelming the palate and that it helps with the rich smooth texture we’re so proud of.

We don’t claim to make the cheapest houmous, there are plenty of people offering bland and boring houmous, we want to heighten yours tasting pleasure.