We are looking for a company to install solar panels

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The Precious Pea are looking for a company who will install solar panels onto one of our buildings, Annex A.

A. Supply and fit 35.23 Kwp system

B. This tender starts on 18/4/22 and finishes on 28/04/22.

C. This is a quote for a roof mounted solar pv installation for a food
manufacturing company in Tunley.

Here are the project work details:
1: Install 87 x 405w all black modules onto appropriate roof slope
2: Fixing MCS registered on-roof system to suit
3: Install Solis Inverter and export limitation
4: Ofgem approved generation meters installed
5: Notification of the above PV system to the relevant bodies
6: Scaffold

Specifications : The contractor will need to be RECC and MCS certified
Tender : The Tender starts 09.00 18/04/22 and finishes 17.00 28/04/22
Installation : Timelines We are looking to complete the project in a week by
the end of June 2022
Selection Process: The selection will be made according to the weighting
formula on the subsequent page

Application: Please note that this is not a contract for the West of England
Combined Authority

For further details of this opportunity please contact
Mark Rawson: Sales Director: mark@natural-vitality.co.uk or 01761 479555